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Greater Morris County Development Corporation

The primary purpose of the FHLB Owner Occupied Rehab grant is to improve or modernize low-income to moderate-income family homes. The FHLB Owner-Occupied Rehab grant repair/replacement program includes accessibility modifications, weatherization, energy efficiency, critical repairs, and exterior repair services to remedy code violations and revitalize neighborhoods.




·         Families can live in a safe and well-maintained home

·         Neighborhoods become revitalized

·         Affordable housing across the state inventory is preserved.


Types of Repairs/Replacement:


·         Roof, Gutter, and Siding repair or replacement

·         Exterior doors and window repair or replacement

·         Plumbing, electrical, water heater, and HVAC repair or replacement

·         Accessibility modifications

·         Emergency repairs

·         Sewer/Septic tank repair or replacement

·         Bathroom and Kitchen upgrades/remodels


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