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  • Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (June 14th)

    Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending June 8th         This week ends in Father’s Day, to which we salute all of our Dads! It also marks the end of Men’s Health Week… you know the gender that needs their wives to schedule their preventative procedures and assist them in proper healthcare protocols. So I also salute the respective ladies who try their best to help us guys take care of their selves!   Summer is showing its face this week with the first tilting towards three digit temperatures. It is hard to imagine that summer solstice is less than a week away (June 20, 2024) and that next Friday the daylight hours per day will already have begun their shrinking status. Don’t worry though…lots of summer still remains. We have time to begin some summer capital projects, as we will soon see wire pulling for our replacement patient call system and security system. We hope to start the resealing of our parking lot soon, and also tile replacement throughout our hospital’s hallways.   Need for our overnight beds remains rather meager, but patient traffic for all other services seems to be holding on, despite a mostly red two weeks relative to our goal attainment. We are excited that Dr. Samani will be moving towards his weekly visits at our hospital starting next Tuesday, but know that his routine day is moving to Wednesdays, accept for the one monthly eye day we conduct, at which point he will come the Tuesday prior on those specific weeks. Our outpatient nurse treatment services are growing lately, as there are more and more infusion type treatments becoming available, to replace some of the daily oral pill and/or injection type therapies. We will be glad to get feedback on whether these new treatment approaches truly aide our patient’s lifestyles and ability to reach their goals.   I wish everyone a great father’s day weekend and I thank our staff for watching their resource utilization and for taking great care of our patients and visitors! Kevin Leeper, CEO

  • Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (June 4th)

    Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending May 26th This report will again be brief as I spent the bigger part of last week at the annual KHA/KHSC Board Retreat, in which we developed a new three year strategic plan for a State-wide hospital industry which is really in a financial recovery mode from the pandemic driven recoil and subsequent inflationary times. We learned of some key factors contributing to our financial pressures that have to do with reimbursements, which perhaps can be significantly remedied. Because these involve certain payor sources, we are developing a game plan at this time before releasing many specifics which might compromise our position. So more on this topic to follow soon. You will see below a nice pick up in business from our last pay period, aided by an earlier in the month “eye day”. It is always good to have pay periods in the green for cash collected, one of the nineteen green metrics! But also notice the big drop off in overnight census for the month of May – it was less than half of our targeted number for the entire month…I always attribute that to nice weather, but more likely just the season. Hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks for watching your resource utilizations and for taking great care of our patients and visitors! Kevin Leeper, CEO

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  • Radiology | MCH... Morris County Hospital

    MCH Radiology Department Morris County Hospital Radiology Department is proud to provide our patients with exceptional care and advanced technology. Over the last several years our department has experienced numerous changes in order to offer new and innovative technologies and better serve you. MCH Radiology Department Hours Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm Your scheduled start time will be dependent on the type of service you need. We are staffed on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency needs. For more detailed information, review your service below or contact us 620-767-6811 ext. 121 Our Radiology Services CT Scan (Computed Tomography) Computed Tomography is a sophisticated form of x-ray imaging that provides pictures of the body in a series of slices. A CT scan shows clear images of bone, internal organs, muscles and blood vessels which allows doctors to distinguish between normal, diseased, or injured tissue. Learn More DEXA Scan (Bone Density) DEXA scans measure your bone density with a low dose of radiation, which is interpreted by sophisticated computer analysis. Your test results will assist your physician in determining whether you need treatment for bone loss. Learn More Diagnostic Radiology An x-ray image is produced when a small amount of radiation passes through the body. Your provider may order an x-ray to help diagnose an injury or disease in nearly any part of the body. Learn More Mammography This procedure uses very low doses of radiation to obtain images of the breasts, allowing doctors to detect small cancers even before they can be felt. Learn More MRI MRI provides excellent images without radiation exposure by using a super conductive electromagnet, radio waves and sophisticated computer software to generate and enhance images. The result is an unprecedented view of internal organs, body structure and systems which provide detailed images needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Learn More Nuclear Medicine Nuclear medicine comprises diagnostic examinations that result in images of body anatomy and function. The images are developed based on the detection of energy emitted from a radioactive substance given to the patient, either intravenously or by mouth. Generally, radiation to the patient is similar to that resulting from standard x-ray examinations. Learn More Ultrasound Ultrasound uses a hand-held probe to send high frequency sound waves into your body, then sophisticated software displays an image of the body’s interior by the rate at which the echoes return to the probe. Learn More We offer online sharing of your medical images using Nuance Powershare. This service allows us to share images with your provider in a secure and convenient way! All imaging will be sent to the physicians of Manhattan Radiology to be read and reported. Your ordering provider will have your report within 24 to 48 hours. Your provider should contact you with your results. All services require a written order from a physician in good standing and licensed to practice medicine in the State of Kansas. Manhattan Radiology Staff All imaging services offered by Morris County Hospital Radiology are read by the board-certified radiologists of Manhattan Radiology. Kelly Ivester MD Medical Degree: Mercer University School of Medicine 2000 Internship & Residency: Baptist Medical Center, Birmingham, AL 2005 Fellowship: Tulane University Hospital 2006 American Board of Radiology certified 2005 Started with Manhattan Radiology in 2006 Curtis Mick MD Medical Degree: University of Kansas School of Medicine 2010 Residency: University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City KS 2015 American Board of Radiology certified 2016 Started with Manhattan Radiology in 2015 Greg Welle MD Medical Degree: University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Minneapolis, MN 1989 Internship & Residency: Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA 1994 Military Service: Army (1989-1997) Previous experience: IACH 1994-1997 American Board of Radiology certified 1994 Started with Manhattan Radiology in 1996 Samuel Ornelas MD Medical Degree: University of Kansas School of Medicine 2014 Residency: University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita KS 2019 Fellowship: University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX 2020 Military Service: Marine Corps (1999-2003), Natl Guard (2003-2017), Reserves (2017-Present) American Board of Radiology certified 2021 Started with Manhattan Radiology in 2020 Matthew Gish MD Medical Degree: University of Kansas School of Medicine 2004 Internship: University of Tennessee 2005 Residency: Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN 2009 American Board of Radiology certified 2009 Started with Manhattan Radiology in 2009 MANHATTAN RADIOLOGY CONTACT INFO Phone: 785-539-7641 Address: 1133 College Ave STE C143, Manhattan, KS 66502 Website: MCH Radiology Staff Imaging Director Veronica "Corky" Messer, R.T (R) (M) (ARRT) (LRT) ​ Radiology Technologists Deanna Buttrey, R.T (R) (M) (ARRT), (LRT) Teresa “Teri” Stuart, R.T. (R) (ARRT) (LRT) Kirstin Friesen, RT, R, CT, ARRT, LRT Bailey Buttrey, RT, R, MR Theresa Handley, RT, R, CT ​ Sonographers Brian Weber, RDCS Charles “Charlie” Helton, CCI, RVS Mark True, RVT, RDMS, RSC ​ Nuclear Medicine Technologists Jeremy Martin, CNMT Brian Phipps, CNMT ​ Office Staff Misty Burnett, Administrative Assistant / Sonography Student Emily Spittles, Secretary Return to All MCH Services

  • White City | MCH... Morris County Hospital

    White City, Kansas MCH Clinic White City We provide Family Practice, caring for the entire family. Address 106 West Mackenzie Street White City, KS 66872 Contact phone (785) 349-2274 emergency 911 fax (785) 349-2275 email Office Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm closed 8:00 am – 5:00 pm closed 8:00 am – 5:00 pm closed closed by appointment ONLY White City Clinic Providers Haley Morgan FNP

  • Aquatic Therapy | MCH Rehab Center

    MCH Rehab Center Aquatic Therapy What is Aquatic Therapy? Experienced therapists are waiting to help in a state-of-the-art facility featuring an underwater camera system, assisted entrance and exit, a temperature-controlled environment, a removable floor for depth control, and water currents with variable speeds. ​ Aquatic therapy is often used in conjunction with traditional land-based therapy to enhance and restore a person's functional abilities. Populations that may benefit range from children to older adults. Oftentimes, patients may regain their quality of life faster and more thoroughly than with land therapy alone. How does aquatic therapy promote healing? Buoyancy The buoyancy of water provides support, allowing a patient to move more easily. This can reduce apprehension about movement. Heat Aquatic therapy is provided in a heated pool with temperatures ranging from 92-94 degrees. Exercising in warm water increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the injury, which promotes healing. Hydrostatic Pressure Pressure from water molecules surrounding the body helps circulate blood from the legs to the heart, often reducing swelling in the ankles and feet. Resistance Water resistance improves balance and strength in all muscle directions, as well as increasing sensory awareness. Resistance can be tailored to each individual patient based on the speed of movement. Benefits of Aquatic Therapy... Accelerate healing Decrease apprehension to movement Initiate rehab at an earlier stage; therefore returning to activities of daily living in the shortest possible time Decrease rehabilitation time and overall treatment costs Enhance exercise and create a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation Improve tolerance to weight-bearing activity Goals of Aquatic Therapy... Improve confidence during daily functional activities Improve cardiovascular function and endurance Improve muscle strength Reduce stress Increase range of motion and flexibility Improve balance and coordination Who can be helped with Aquatic Therapy? Aquatic therapy is beneficial to patients of all ages. Common diagnoses that can be improved with aquatic therapy include, but are not limited to: Low Back Pain Joint & Muscle Pain Orthopedic Injuries Sporting Injuries Work-Related Injuries Post-Operative Hips, Ankles & Shoulders Osteoarthritis Impaired Balance Difficulty Walking Generalized Weakness Multiple Sclerosis Stroke Fibromyalgia Spinal Cord Injuries Cerebral Palsy Autism/Asperger's Disease Developmental Delay Parkinson's Disease Traumatic Brain Injuries OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU The goal of the Morris County Hospital Rehab Center is to provide quality care with an emphasis on individual, personalized service. Rest assured, our highly trained staff is constantly learning, applying, and practicing the most modern and successful methods in the physical, occupational, and speech therapy fields. Your return to good health is our common goal. MCH Rehab Center Phone: 620.767.6811 Address: 600 North Washington Street, Council Grove, KS 66846 Return to MCH Rehab Ce nter Return to All MCH Services

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