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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (Ending March 2)

As spring is in the air (around here that occurs once Grove Gardens opens), we do know that winter will have another round or two with us, but the lengthening of daylight is certainly a welcome sight. Another welcome sight is March’s return of College Basketball’s Big Dance and the crack of Royal’s bats once again. And perhaps we can finally get and keep our cars clean for more than a few hours before the next salt splash. (At least I’m trying to be easy to please).


It was also nice to see this week that the town of Council Grove has been nominated for the Top 10 Communities in the Midwest, competing for that distinction with twenty other communities. We can all vote once a day between now and April 1st, so please toot our horn and stack your votes. Go to: to participate in this contest, and do it frequently!A thanks needs to go to our Chamber Director, Zoey Bond, for getting us prompted and directed for this nomination!


Business remains steady for our various locations, and we are at least teasing most of our metrics’ higher 2024 targeted numbers. Our larger MCH focus is still really to help our patients understand and improve their health conditions, and support or encourage their efforts to live healthier lives. We are welcoming a few new employees this past week or two and saying goodbye to others who have found new opportunities. A more transient attitude seems to have been adopted by many in our post-pandemic labor environment.


Spring break hits our Community next week, so I encourage travelers to be safe! On the following week I am happy to announce an Open House for our new 3-D Mammography service, as well as our new Pulmonary Rehab service, and we will show them to the public on March 20th, from 5:00 to 6:30PM. We really are indebted to or Morris County residents who pretty well funded the entire expenditure of the 3-D Unit, which has been serving patients for nearly a week now!!


A big thanks to all who strive to make our Hospital remain the local place of choice for healthcare needs. And all – do check out our revamped website, still at

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