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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (April 13th)

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review

For Pay Period Ending April 13th

April has again brought the full-fledged aroma of burning Flint Hills pasture, followed up with the annual prayers for rain to green up everything to its expected glory. Nice to see the rain received this week, but keep it coming.


This is National Laboratory Week, and as such we wish to give extra thanks and praise to our awesome Lab Team, whom I can attest gives great customer service each and every day to a large percentage of our overall clientele, (I know as I am within earshot of most of their outpatient encounters}. Thank You Lab Team!!!


If you have not yet heard, our hospital applied for and was awarded participation in a select group of twenty Kansas hospitals who will be specially trained on the priorities being addressed by the 2024-25 survey teams. These teams are currently being hired by the Kansas Department of Health and Education, who is the overseeing body in charge of MC/MCD credentialing for the State of Kansas. As part of this team, we will be led by Kevin Kepley to serve as a mock surveyor of a couple other similar hospitals, and others in turn will be conducting a mock survey on our hospital. The intent is to facilitate our hospital’s survey preparedness in the best possible manner. KDHE has assured Kansas hospitals that a committed catch up effort is in place to get us all surveyed in the next year or two. I think through Chelsea Cowart’s Quality efforts, we have gained in several areas that will be surveyed. So thanks Chelsea, on your way out, and we welcome Lynette Pate to carry these efforts on seamlessly.


You can see for the past couple weeks that our metrics in green have had a nice surge, and are outnumbering those in red by a nice margin. Also operationally, we have at last put together a solution for our commercially insured Convenient Care utilizers, by having their billed services be processed as intended; as an after hour Clinic service. With the help of GPHA, our Cerner support group, and our Blue Cross Blue Shield rep, we have retooled our process, and as of Monday this week we are trusting that patients will only be charged their copays and/or Clinic deductibles moving forward. We welcome feedback from those testing this new process.


Special thanks to all of our caregivers who make our patient’s experiences here as good as they can be! And do have a great week!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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