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MCH Rehab Center
Women’s Health Physical Therapy

What is Women’s Health
Physical Therapy?

Women’s health physical therapy encompasses a variety of healthcare issues specific to women and the reproductive system. Morris County Hospital Rehab Center Women’s Health program focuses treatment on the specific needs of women in order to help them regain their well-being and active lives.

How can physical therapy help?
  • Gain control over your bladder

  • Reduce the need for pads, special garments, incontinence medications, and possibly surgery

  • Reduce pelvic pain

  • Reduce abdominal separation after pregnancy

  • Provide information on diet and nutrition

When should you seek physical therapy?
  • You have any amount of urinary leakage.

  • Leakage is not normal, even after childbirth!

  • You limit your social activities due to fear of leakage

  • You are wearing pads and/or changing clothing due to leakage

  • You urinate frequently (less than every 2-4 hours or greater than 10 times a day)

  • You wake up more than 2 times during the night to urinate

Pre/Post Partum...
  • You notice abdominal separation or bulging with activities such as getting in/out of bed

  • You have back pain with pregnancy

  • Intercourse is painful

Pelvic Pain...
  • Intercourse is painful

  • Gynecological exams are painful

What women's health services does
MCH Rehab Center offer?
Pelvic Floor Disorders...
  • Incontinence

  • Pelvic pain

  • Painful intercourse

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pre/Post Partum...
  • Pain with pregnancy (back, pelvic, sacroiliac)

  • Diastasis rectus abdominus

  • Painful intercourse

Our therapists will...
  • Evaluate your specific symptoms with an internal pelvic exam

  • Develop an individualized treatment program to fit your specific needs

Treatment may include...
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through exercise

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Internal and/or external electrical stimulation

  • Manual techniques for muscle relaxation

  • Manual techniques for pelvic floor activation

  • Core strengthening

  • Positioning for breastfeeding

  • Lower extremity strengthening

  • Exercises with your infant for mommy and me PT

Does insurance cover Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

Most insurance plans will cover women's health physical therapy, but it is important to check your insurance plan to determine copays or other requirements.


The goal of the Morris County Hospital Rehab Center is to provide quality care with an emphasis toward individual, personalized service. Rest assured, our highly trained staff is constantly learning, applying, and practicing the most modern and successful methods in the physical, occupational, and speech therapy fields.

Your return to good health is our common goal.

MCH Rehab Center

Phone: 620.767.6811

Address: 600 North Washington Street, Council Grove, KS 66846

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