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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (June 4th)

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review

For Pay Period Ending May 26th      


This report will again be brief as I spent the bigger part of last week at the annual KHA/KHSC Board Retreat, in which we developed a new three year strategic plan for a State-wide hospital industry which is really in a financial recovery mode from the pandemic driven recoil and subsequent inflationary times. We learned of some key factors contributing to our financial pressures that have to do with reimbursements, which perhaps can be significantly remedied. Because these involve certain payor sources, we are developing a game plan at this time before releasing many specifics which might compromise our position. So more on this topic to follow soon.


You will see below a nice pick up in business from our last pay period, aided by an earlier in the month “eye day”. It is always good to have pay periods in the green for cash collected, one of the nineteen green metrics! But also notice the big drop off in overnight census for the month of May – it was less than half of our targeted number for the entire month…I always attribute that to nice weather, but more likely just the season.


Hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks for watching your resource utilizations and for taking great care of our patients and visitors!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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