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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (June 28th)

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review

For Pay Period Ending June 22nd

Seems like we are on a run of Holidays as we approach Independence Day…having just experiencing Memorial Day, Father’s Day, with Juneteenth Day and locally, Washunga Day, all in the mix! I think our culture does like reasons to celebrate, lol, with all these days being good reasons for such. I think we at MCH have good reasons to celebrate, as well. Today marks a visit for three prospective physicians, as Dr. Bethany Peach is shadowing our work flows to get a better sense if she and her colleague Dr. Morgan Gillam will definitively choose us as their post residency destination! And I am also visiting with a former MCH Doc, Joel Hornung, who is considering a return in some fashion to our campus, following a “retirement of sorts”, from practicing in Manhattan Via Christi’s ER in a few weeks. We would love for all three of these physicians to choose the MCH family as their next practice partner. More to follow.


As our mid-year winds to a close, we are fortunate to still being busy and staying well ahead of last year’s pace. We are still battling inflation, as is everyone, and with the cost of doing business up substantially from a year and two years ago, we are grateful for incremental business which is the best remedy for contending with those issues.


I remind everyone to be careful opening emails that seem or feel odd. We have too many in-state sister hospitals who have had their computer systems compromised recently, and the backlash from those incidents is NOT something anyone wants to deal with. But we are ALL vulnerable and must be diligently alert to intrusion possibilities.


Our Board approved a new anesthesia machine this week to replace a reliable but old and ready for retirement unit. So our growing Surgery business is in a better position! I see a newly resurfaced parking lot is nearing completion and I thank everyone for meeting the parking challenges over the past couple of days.  I wish a safe and enjoyable 4th of July for everyone and may we all take serious pride in our freedoms and not take them for granted!


Kevin Leeper, CEO   

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