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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (June 14th)

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review

For Pay Period Ending June 8th     


This week ends in Father’s Day, to which we salute all of our Dads! It also marks the end of Men’s Health Week… you know the gender that needs their wives to schedule their preventative procedures and assist them in proper healthcare protocols. So I also salute the respective ladies who try their best to help us guys take care of their selves!


Summer is showing its face this week with the first tilting towards three digit temperatures. It is hard to imagine that summer solstice is less than a week away (June 20, 2024) and that next Friday the daylight hours per day will already have begun their shrinking status. Don’t worry though…lots of summer still remains. We have time to begin some summer capital projects, as we will soon see wire pulling for our replacement patient call system and security system. We hope to start the resealing of our parking lot soon, and also tile replacement throughout our hospital’s hallways.


Need for our overnight beds remains rather meager, but patient traffic for all other services seems to be holding on, despite a mostly red two weeks relative to our goal attainment. We are excited that Dr. Samani will be moving towards his weekly visits at our hospital starting next Tuesday, but know that his routine day is moving to Wednesdays, accept for the one monthly eye day we conduct, at which point he will come the Tuesday prior on those specific weeks. Our outpatient nurse treatment services are growing lately, as there are more and more infusion type treatments becoming available, to replace some of the daily oral pill and/or injection type therapies. We will be glad to get feedback on whether these new treatment approaches truly aide our patient’s lifestyles and ability to reach their goals.


I wish everyone a great father’s day weekend and I thank our staff for watching their resource utilization and for taking great care of our patients and visitors!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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