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MCH Radiology Department


This procedure uses very low doses of radiation to obtain images of the breasts, allowing doctors to detect small cancers even before they can be felt.

MCH is proud to announce the arrival of our 3D Mammography Machine!  Our mammography Department is an FDA Certified Facility and credentialed by the American College of Radiology.

Screening Mammogram Hours
  • Monday-Friday, 9am - 4pm

  • A scheduled appointment is preferred but not required.

Diagnostic Mammogram Hours
  • Tuesday & Friday mornings when a Radiologist is present.

  • An appointment is required for these exams.

Softer Mammography

We are proud to offer every woman a softer mammogram.

Morris County Hospital is certified as a Softer Mammogram Provider®, a distinction awarded only to an elite group of healthcare facilities that offer MammoPad as standard of care. We provide every woman with MammoPad®, a foam pad that serves as a cushion between you and the mammography machine. This comfort technology improves your mammogram experience by decreasing the pain associated with the exam.

The MammoPad breast cushion was designed for women by a female breast surgeon. It is FDA-cleared, does not impair image quality, and makes it easier for you to relax during your exam which helps our highly skilled mammography technologists achieve the best possible mammogram.

Clinical studies prove that MammoPad significantly reduces the discomfort and cold that many women feel during a mammogram. About 70% of women reported it reduced their discomfort by half.


Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I need a Screening or Diagnostic Mammogram?

A Screening Mammogram is performed if you are not symptomatic of breast cancer. 


A Diagnostic Mammogram is performed if you have lumps, skin changes, nipple discharge, a history of breast cancer or other symptoms/special conditions.

What to Expect During a Mammogram?
Screening mammogram (for women without disease symptoms):

You will change into a gown, and each breast will be compressed for a few seconds while x-rays are taken. Compression can be uncomfortable but it should not be painful. Compression is important because it separates the overlying breast tissue and reduces the exposure from the x-rays.

A woman may be called back after a screening mammogram for additional mammography views or ultrasound imaging to get a better view of a particular area. These diagnostic images are taken on Tuesday and Friday mornings when the Radiologist is present and able to give immediate results.

Diagnostic mammogram (for women with lumps, skin changes, discharge, a history of breast cancer or other symptoms/special conditions):

A diagnostic mammogram is essentially the same procedure as a screening mammogram but may include additional views or special techniques to magnify suspicious areas or obtain a better analysis of the breast tissue.

How Long Does a Mammogram Take?

A screening mammogram takes from 15-30 minutes.

A diagnostic mammogram may take up to one hour.

How Do I Prepare for a Mammogram?

We recommend you not wear deodorant or powder on your breasts. Many of these products contain metals that can show up as calcifications in your breast.

Wear comfortable clothing; a two-piece outfit is usually the best, as you will be asked to undress from the waist up.

You can have your mammogram anytime but it’s a good idea not to schedule your mammogram just before or during your menstrual period, especially if you have breast pain at that time

Early Detection Works or Free Mammograms...

Free Mammograms & Pap Tests are provided to women using the Early Detection Works Program. 

Early Detection Works is for women who:

Are 40 to 64 years old for breast cancer or

Are 21 to 64 years old for cervical cancer

Do not have health insurance and meet the income guidelines.


Call your physician today to see if you qualify, call 1-877-277-1368, or visit

Contact us to schedule at 620-767-6811 ext. 121

We offer online sharing of your medical images using Nuance Powershare. This service allows us to share images with your provider in a secure and convenient way!


All imaging will be sent to the physicians of Manhattan Radiology to be read and reported. Your ordering provider will have your report within 24 to 48 hours. Your provider should contact you with your results.


All services require a written order from a physician in good standing and licensed to practice medicine in the State of Kansas.

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