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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (Aug 19)

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending August 19th

Weather is hot and so is our level of services. Not sure there is a correlation, but extreme heat issues are dangerous if not respected and treated with an intentional level of preparation. Hopefully our region’s high pressure zone finds a new place to go in the next few days. Dr. Price is seeing more patients week to week and our overall Clinic volumes are at record weekly highs going back through six years of data. So thanks to our Clinic teams that are stepping it up during what is normally a softer time of the year.

Congratulations also go to the Lab Department this week, as Thomas Buttrey endured a CLIA inspection through to a zero deficiency outcome for this year’s review! Thomas indicated it was his first rare zero deficiency inspection, and we should all feel proud of the work our Lab Team delivers!!

The Foundation’s annual Golf Tournament was again a successful event, despite the sordid afternoon temperatures. Proceeds will continue feeding the project account of the 3D Digital Mammography Machine, which we are fully planning on being amply funded to get the unit placed into service by the end of 2023. There will be a nice matching opportunity in early November that will double or possibly triple any end of the year contributions locals may wish to make to send us closer to our goal. We greatly appreciate any size contribution.

See Stacy, whom we also thank a bunch for her successful golf tournament!

It feels good that by my next newsletter, we will have seen our first football games of 2023 (I don’t count preseason). So here goes my first shout out: GO CHIEFS, GO CATS, go jayhawks, GO FROGS, and GO BRAVES!

And mostly, Thanks for putting our PATIENTS FIRST each and every day at MCH!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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