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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (Aug 5)

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending August 5th

What a great first week for our new FP/OB, John Price, and our now seasoned, but relatively new FP/OB, Sydnee Nelson, who personally lead the delivery of two newborns into our Community within a 24 hour period! It was a hectic few hours for many, but all played out safe and sound, and thanks go out to all of the hands who were on deck! You are a great team and I hope we all learned something useful from the day! Congratulations to the two new growing families!

Dog days for our youth and littler ones ends this week, as school soon opens the door of the next season of this fast moving year. Summer just seems shorter every year, and that proverbial vacation will be pushed back a bit further for me in 2023. I do hope most of you grabbed some well-earned time off.

Our in-house nuclear program has started on time with two cases in each of its first two weeks – only minor bugs of seamlessly routing the images to the correct place remains to be ironed out. The Pulmonary Rehab program has not quite gotten out of the gate as anticipated, because we have been unable to land the lead technician to drive the train. Any RT Tech out there that would love to end taking call and work a regular day shift job should be calling me for more information about this attractive opportunity!

I am attaching a public service announcement written for tomorrow’s newspaper that I want everyone to have an opportunity to read. It was driven by a newscast on KSNT Topeka last night which called out threats of closure for a large number of rural Kansas hospitals. A look behind the intent of the article needs to happen as hearing only headlines will usually confuse and cause angst. I welcome any questions you may have after reading my personal response to the article and my suggested takeaways that our readers might consider.

Thanks for what you do each and every day at MCH!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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