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Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review (July 22)

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending July 22nd

In the midst of sultry days of July heading into August, we continue seeing that the use of patient services at MCH continues to be in quite high demand. A very busy week of surgery (with our second total knee procedure), was augmented by busy weeks of Lab, Radiology, EMS, and Therapy services, all stemming from solid Clinic numbers.

On the Business Office side, we welcome a huge gain on releasing a backlog of unfiled claims, as we finally dropped to our targeted (pre-Cerner) level of in-house accounts still “under review”, (prior to sending them to their respective insurance plans). By reaching this value, we can safely say we have collectively learned the multi layered steps termed Revenue Cycle Management. Our cash flows will subsequently improve now as both our new claims activity is remaining high and our Cerner learning curve is nearing an optimal level.

Again I hope each of you are enjoying some planned time off, and I thank others who are filling in for those taking some downtime. Also, please remember to come meet Dr. John Price at his first-day-on-the-job reception on August 1st in our front lobby from 4:00-6:00PM.

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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